Thrift Store Happiness

Even thought I wasn't able to convince Babe that we should spend all our garage sale take on fabric, I did finds some fabric at the house down the street, AND I found lots o' goodies at the thrift store. See my goodies:


These will go atop my kitchen cabinets.

2 yards of stripey knit for $1!


Quilting plaid. Some of it's cut, some of it's still in big pieces. I think I figured out that I ended up with about 25 yards - for FIFTY CENTS a bundle.

Pretty pillowcase and a whole bunch o' napkins. None of the napkins actually go in my kitchen, but I figure we can use them for everyday when nobody but the family can see them. I call purple!

Got this pack o' scraps. Some of these are hideously bright. But the reason I absolutely had to buy this scrap bundle . . .

Was because of this. How adorable! See how Mr. Turtle (denoted by his white bowtie) is smiling impishly at Miss Turtle (denoted by her white hairbow)? And see, see how Miss Turtle is gazing coquettishly at Mr. Turtle? Ahhh, young turtle love.

Not a bad haul, huh? I'm very excited. When I get home from class today I will start washing the fabric and deciding what to do with it. My mind is abuzz with possibilities!

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