I heart ikea

I need to win the lottery. Because even at ikea prices I want waaaaaaay to much stuff. But everything there is so wonderful. I can spend hours in that store. Hours.

Babe just goes for the meatballs.
Today, whilst sitting in my incredibly boring computer science class, I spent some time surfing the ikea site took very good notes. But magically, all these images of new ikea stuff appeared on my screen. Who knows why?

If anyone is looking for a gift for me, here's where to go.

Lookie, lookie:

Happy Little Trees

I love green stripes.

I'm pretty sure if I had this in my office, I would totally be more productive.

Happy Little Tree fabric!
Cool rectangle vase.

Recycle bags!

I love this picture.

More stripes!
House fabric - so cute!

I love this gray rug. I have no where to put it, but I don't care.

Pretty ghosty flower fabric.
Polka dot fabrics make me smile.

Pretty blue.

More houses - this is my favorite.

Princess fabric!

Words! On fabric! I love words!

See, I really need a large influx of cash. HUGE. Because I need these things. Need them, you understand. As in, these items are necessary to my survival.


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