I won I won I won I won!

Holy knock me over with a feather, Batman!


I never win anything. Never. Ever.

Remember back in the day when the 20 oz coke products had the bottle caps where 1 in 12 won a free 20 oz coke? Yeah, I am a huge diet coke addict. Huge. We had a soda machine at my office, and I probably bought at least 4 a day. Never won. Not once.

Seriously, I never win contests.

I'm so excited. In case you missed the giveaway (well, it's too late now, isn't it?), Shelley at House of Smiths teamed up with Poppyseed Fabrics to offer a giveaway.

And I won!

I won a $15 gift certificate to her etsy shop, which is just $5 away from buying one of her custom fat quarter bundles! Hooray! Michael Miller groovy guitar goodness is coming my way!

I would show you pictures of the fabrics I want, but once again, Blogger and I are at odds. We are having a difference of opinion regarding pictures. The difference is that I want pictures in my blogs, and Blogger does not. I'm sure we will come to an agreement.


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