I want to be SuperMom.

I really really do.

But I'm starting to realize that my idea of Supermom needs to be adjusted to fit into the realm of human possible.

This weekend has been very busy with sleepovers, housework, pool fun, and other such summer goodness. And homework. Always with the homework . . . at least for seven more weeks (!). I can't wait until I graduate!

So with all that going on, Supermom-ness was a little bit out of my reach. I didn't manage to do everything I had hoped to get done. Of course, Babe tells me my to-do list defies the laws of time and space, so that may be a part of my problem.

But I did find the time to get a few things done. Worked on flip flops. Made napkins. Played with spraypaint. Made a dessert tray. Cut lots and lots of tiny strips of fabric.

I would love to show you what I've been up to, but Blogger and I are currently having a disagreement in regards to pictures. As in: I want to post them, and Blogger won't let me. It's seriously testing our friendship.

With any luck, Blogger and I will find a way to make peace and I will be able to post loads of lovely pictures tomorrow.

Or, maybe Blogger and I will break up and I will spend the evening crying and watching sad movies and eating ice cream while I wait for Blogger to come by and pick up the box of stuff it left at my house . . . .

Ok, perhaps my imagination got away with me there. It happens.

I'm sure Blogger and I will be fine.


We'll work it out.


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