Photo Challenge - Day 1

Hi Peeps! Long time no . . . blog?

I've been pretty busy getting the It's Mamalicious shop up and running. If any of you out there are thinking of starting a work -at-home type business, I'm here to tell you, PROMOTE YOURSELF ON FACEBOOK!

It's Mamalicious

Promote your Page too

My friends inside the computer have been very helpful ;)

I've got a longer post brewing about the ins and outs of starting a business, but I want to marinate on that for a little bit longer. (Try to contain your suspense!)

Instead, I'm here today with pictures.

I'm sure you guys have seen people on Facebook or on other blogs doing the 30 day photo challenge, or some version thereof. Right?

I decided I want to play too! So here's Day 1's assignment - a photo of myself with 10 facts.

Note to self - get picture taken with actual camera, not phone.

 Ok, there's me. Annnnnnnnd . . . here's some facts.

1. I have two "dream jobs". One is a professor of Feminist Literature and Ancient Mythology at a pretty college near a beach. The other is to be the person who chooses songs that go on movie soundtracks. Not the score, the soundtrack. I'm sure these two choices say something about me, but I'm not sure what.

2. I am a mom of preemies. They're 9 now, but it still counts. This may seem more like a fact about them than a fact about me, but if you're a preemie mom, or know any preemie moms, you understand that "Preemie Mom" is now as much a fundamental part of my make up as my eye color or sense of smell.

3. I'm an avid doodler. (Wow, was THAT a random sentence or what?) Do not pen and paper unattended around me. I will scribble, draw boxes, write my name repeatedly, draw flowers and kindergarten houses. I'm still paying attention to what's going on around me. (Maybe) But there will be doodling.

4. It's really hard to think of facts that might be vaguely interesting to other people. Go ahead,  you try it.

5. I have trouble being "fake nice". That sounds like a good thing, sort of. But it's not. See, you need fake nice. You need it EVERY.DAY. At the grocery store, at the bus stop, around the neighborhood. I'm pretty sure my "fake smile" looks like I'm constipated.

6. I like to create. In any way. I write, I sing, I dance (not necessarily well). I draw, I paint, I build. (Again, not necessarily well). I sew, I knit, I crochet. (Ok, those I do well.) (Well-ish). I am particularly fascinated by the idea of a finished product made my my hands - something that can be useful or just fun to look at.

7. I am a spiritual person, but my spirituality is definitely a journey. I don't have it all figured out, and I tend to be wary of people who think they do. But I am constantly striving, working, thinking, praying, hoping for a better understanding. And yes, I do believe in God.

8. On a lighter note, I think peanut butter and chocolate should grow together on the same tree. Really, why should they ever be separated? Oh, wait. Jelly.

9. I'm nauseatingly in love with my husband. Like high-school crush infatuated, cheesy Hollywood love story swoony, kinda sorta obsessive but not in a creepy way LOVE. It's ok, I think he likes it.

10. I only watch about an hour of television a week. I never used to watch at all, but then I discovered How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. If you have not seen these shows GO NOW and watch them all. Hurry hurry!

Ok, so that's it for me. I wonder if anyone will come back tomorrow for Day 2 of the photo challenge. What will it be? Have my facts scared everyone off? Will I even remember to blog tomorrow?

You'll have to tune in to find out.



Snow, Snow, Snow!

It's snowing in the south! The Atlanta metro area is pretty much locked down right now due to snow. All you northerners are probably laughing at us if you've caught news stories about empty store shelves . . .

But snow is a pretty big deal this far south. It hardly EVER snows here, and those rare times it does, it's usually just a tiny dusting that you can still see grass through.
This was a pretty big deal.
We still go out to play in it though . . .
Kinda sad, isn't it?
So, yeah, snow is a pretty big deal around here. Whenever the weatherfolks start telling us to watch out for snow, there's a mixed reaction from southerners. Half of us scoff at the weather reports and go about our business, trying not to get our hopes up. The other half of us panic, rush out to "stock up", and buy a bunch of milk, bread and toilet paper.

This weekend the weather reports were all saying 100% chance of snow starting Sunday night, so we were hopeful. The fam & I went out to do our normal grocery shopping,  and of course the stores were packed with frantic Georgians prepping for disaster. Other people I know that went shopping on Sunday told me that stores were completely sold out of bread products - not just loaf bread, but hot dog buns, bagels, english muffins, etc - and milk, and chicken. Our priorities are slightly different from the rest of the world, so we did alright. Nobody had sold out of coffee, oatmeal, and grapes yet.

And I might be the only person in Georgia that made a last minute, pre-blizzard thread purchase. Hey, a girl's gotta have priorities.

Pictured: Priorities (source)
 It started snowing around 9 Sunday night, but most metro area counties had already closed school by late afternoon. And boy did it ever snow! After about half an hour everything outside was covered with a blanket of white - I couldn't see the road, the driveway, at all. This southern flower was very excited. I kept getting up throughout the night to look out the window. My poor husband, who is from Chicago, and couldn't care less about snow, kept being woken up and urged to "Come look, there's more!"

And when we got up the next morning, this is what waited for us.
ooooohhh, pretty.
You guys! Lots n' lots o' snow! Remember how I said Georgia only gets a few flakes? Not this time! We had 5 inches at our house, and some places further up into the mountains got as much as 9!

All this snow is lovely and fun, but there's one small problem. We live in Georgia. We are not prepared for snow and ice. Not really. Everything shuts down. Everything. Not just schools, but banks, stores, restaurants. Everything. Misterlicious works for the CDC, and even it shut down due to inclement weather. So don't get any strange diseases this week, people, the Centers for Disease Control is iced over. Heck, even the mail hasn't been running. So much for "No rain, no sleet, no dark of night . . ." or whatever the motto is.

All my northern friends and family have been making fun of the south because everything comes to a grinding halt for a few inches of snow. But I keep reminding them that northern cities have something that we don't.

Snow plows. Ice trucks. Salt.

Nope, not here.(source)
Now, it's not that Georgia doesn't have any snow plows, it's just that we don't have enough. I heard on the news yesterday that we have only 600 trucks to cover the entire northern half of the state. That's not very many when you consider that some northern counties have that many.

You can see why we're all stuck. There are a few brave (or stupid) souls that venture out, and most of them get stranded in a ditch. My father-in-law drives a wrecker, and he loves the snow. He tells me "When you see white, I see green."

So, my northern friends, it isn't just that we're too scared to go out, or that we don't know how to drive in snow - the problem is that it's really not safe out there. So we're stuck. Still.
At least it still looks pretty

It's all my fault, really. That's what Misterlicious tells me, anyway. When we were out shopping I was laughing at all the panicked shoppers and the empty shelves. Believe me when I say, I'm a huge fan of being prepared, but I thought people were taking it a little too far. I figured we'd have a little snow, spend the day throwing snowballs and drinking hot chocolate, and then the snow would melt and everything would go back to normal on Tuesday. So I thought the people buying 5 gallons of milk and 10 loaves of bread were overdoing it a little. I kept saying "These people are nutty, it's not as if we'll be confined to our homes for days on end."

Oops. My bad, guys. We kind of are.

People are calling it "Snowmageddon" and "Snowpocalypse". Yesterday afternoon the snow changed to freezing rain. Now the interstates are covered with what the news channels tell me is "hockey-rink thick" sheets of ice. And it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Some of the ice melted today, but it's already started getting colder again, so the standing puddles on the roads will be even more ice by morning. The mail didn't come again today. They've already cancelled school for tomorrow. The weather folks are saying it won't warm up until the weekend, so there's every possibility that we'll be home all week.

My nemesis.

My pretty little idea of a fun snow day, a little extra weekend, some light winter fun, and then back to normal life - yeah, not so much. Looks like we'll be staying at home for a few more days yet.

Good thing I stocked up on thread.