My garage exploded.

We had a garage sale yesterday (which is why I didn't get to post). It went fairly well. We didn't end up selling everything we wanted to. but we made a fair amount of dough. Which I promptly wanted to spend on fabric. Babe did not agree. He thought we should pay bills instead.

Yeah, he's mean like that.

Anyway, now the garage is strewn with all the stuff we didn't sell, and random piles of crap that I now have room to organize. I can't wait!

Look - the explosion of crap.

So, I'm about to go back out to the garage to try to create some sense of order out of the chaos. We've been planning this garage sale for a few months and have been slowly adding to the pile. Over the months it has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger . . . which is great, garage sale-wise, but not so great for me and my organizational needs. The very very worst part was that the "to sell" pile somehow ended up in front of my boxes of books (stored in the garage because Babe doesn't think having books stacked on every available surface is attractive - I told you he's mean). So my precious books have been unreachable for a very long time.

It was horrible.

My books! They have missed me!

I hope I'll be able to finish the organization project today, if the rain holds off. If not, I will end up with piles of very wet stuff. It'll be awesome. As you can see, we are in desperate need of some organization.

I'm thinking we under-utilize our shelf space. Gonna fix that!

See, desperate.

And oh look, what's that?!

Looks like candlesticks to me.
This just might be the beginnings of another project, which I will share with you, because I'm generous like that.

More tomorrow!


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