Curtain upgrade

I love my kitchen. Well, let me clarify. My kitchen is a glorified apartment galley kitchen with white laminate cabinets (about 4 of them) and no counter space. So I don't love that. BUT, I do love the colors in my kitchen. We have an olive-ish green accent wall, white cabinets, and black tables and chairs. Very pretty. I'm in the process of adding some decorative touches - mostly black, but also ORANGE! (I'm very excited about the orange)
When we got the new table a couple years ago - at Ikea  - we also got some black and white striped curtains. Which I loved.

At the time.

After a while, I started getting bored with them. They complemented the room nicely, but they were kind of . . . eh.

They also needed to be hemmed. But when I went to hem them I accidentally butchered the bottom edge and it was all crazy short on one side. (I swear, it really was an accident) In trying to figure out a fix for my butchery, I came up with an idea to make them a little more interesting.

Here they are before . . .

Excuse the horrible picture, I couldn't find my real camera.
Butchery. And wrinkles.

This is what the kids did while I had the curtains down for surgery.

Spelling practice is much more fun with window crayons.

I don't have pictures of the process, because I'm forgetful like that, but the whole thing was fairly simple - albeit time-consuming. All I did was attach a big piece of black fabric to the bottoms - about 18 inches or so. Then, because I thought it looked weird where it just transitioned from stripes to black, I topstiched a ribbon over the seam. Very simple, but I love the results.

The big picture - it was actually exceedingly difficult to get a picture that showed both the table, and the bottoms of the curtains.
I love love love my new curtains. It was a very inexpensive fix. The black fabric is upholstery weight (which is good, because the rest of the curtains are lightweight and this helps them lay better) and I got it for $9 a yard at Joann's. The ribbon was $3 a spool, and I had to buy two spools to get the right yardage without piecing it.

But it looks like I spent gobs of cash, and I love it. Love it love it love it. Did I mention I love it?



  1. So I'm a little late to the party but I have to say - I agree! I love it! :)