A rocky relationship

I have a rocky relationship.

Sometimes we get along swimmingly. We take care of each other. We listen to each other, and value each other's input. We meet one another's needs. It's lovely and wonderful.

Sometimes things are slightly less lovely and wonderful. Sometimes, I expect certain things. Nothing crazy, just the stuff that we agreed upon at the beginning of our relationship. I don't want anything extra or special, I just want things to work the way they're supposed to. I have needs, and sometimes these needs don't get met.

No, I'm not talking about my husband. Babe is amazing, and more than willing to see to all my needs.

I'm talking about Blogger.

Blogger is withholding, and fickle, and cantankerous, and sometimes just plain mean. Blogger likes to toy with my emotions. Blogger makes big promises but just keeps letting me down.

In moments of self doubt, I wonder "Is it really Blogger's fault? Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong." I do, after all, seem to be surrounded by a magnetic forcefield that tends to cause any and all electronic equipment - but most especially computers- to malfunction whenever I am near. "What if I'm the problem?" I wonder. I spend countless hours loathing myself and my technological inadequacies.

Then, in the midst of my self-flagellation, my inner bitch speaks up and says "No way. It's all Blogger's fault." And my inner bitch is right (she usually is). I'm not doing this incorrectly, because sometimes it works. But some days, I push the same buttons and type the same codes and do not achieve the desired results. Blogger refuses to perform.

Yesterday was one of those days. As is today. I've tried to make nice - I've whispered sweet compliments, sent flowers and candy. I've tried bribery, and threats. To no avail.

Blogger still refuses to let me post pictures.

I'm thinking the next step might be couples counseling.


Please, bear with me as I try to repair this relationship, try to recapture the magic that has been lost.

Wish me luck.


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