I'm back. No really this time.

Hellooooooooo! Is this thing on?

So I thought I was back when I wrote that last post. Turns out not so much. But . . . . ..


I'm so relieved, so proud, so grateful . . .  this could turn sappy real fast so I'm changing the subject.

I'm back. For real this time.

Hey remember that giveaway I entered a while back - the giveaway that I WON? I forgot to show you all the pretty pretty fabrics I chose. Check 'em out.
Alexander Henry "Starling"
Monaluna "Circles" (in Cocoa)
Michael Miller "Groovy Guitar" (this is ALMOST my favorite)
Riley Blake "Retro Umbrellas"
Lots of Dots: Amy Butler "Full Moon" in tangerine, lime, and slate.
Alexander Henry "Bird Seed" (in aqua)
Michael Miller "Zoology" (in citron - THIS is my favorite!)
Heather Bailey "Bijoux Mod Beads"
Aren't they lovely? I've already started sewing with the Mod Beads and the Full Moon dots. Still trying to decide what to make from the Zoology and the Groovy Guitars. I have a fat quarter of each . . . may have to break down and buy more. I'm almost ready to cover my house in the Zoology, but Babe won't let me.

He's heartless like that. Made of stone.

Sewing (and graduating!) isn't all I've been up to, but more on that later.

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